Who I am.

My name is Mike Erhart. I am a Northern Michigan University Alumni and I have an incurable appetite for graphic design. My fundamental joy in life is to make the world around me look nicer. Whether that's the websites I visit, the commercials I watch, or the products I buy, everything can be improved upon. The skills I have gained working on these types of projects include, but are not limited to, web design, motion typography, brand management, nature/product photography, and IT support.

Where I'm headed.

My personal goal is to work on design projects that benefit people on a personal level and make a significant positive difference in the lives of underprivileged people

Want me to work for you?

I am always looking for additional clients, so if you or your business could use a fresh identity, advertising, a website, or any kind of photography I'd be happy to help. Need more info? Check out my resume!

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